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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Kim Jon and Trump’s big poker game

Por qubano22005

Kim Jong-Un still has not started his list of conditions to establish talks with the United States. Donald Trump said that if the dialogue does not take place under the conditions he expects, he will not gather with the North Korean leader. Several wire dispatches had already reported that the Asian leader had called for the withdrawal of US troops from the Peninsula as a requirement to abandon North Korean nuclear program that has so far made great developments, and that Washington has been able to observe. However, the president of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, told the press that this has not happened so far.

If it is true what was reported by the South Korean president, one of the most critical points of the dialogue agenda, the United States and South Korea, would no longer be a concern for the parties involved.

The declaration of North Korea, a country that so far had alleged the development of nuclear weapons for its defense and protection and threatened by the constant demonstrations of force of the White House, is contradictory. Washington has maintained an aggressive policy against the North Korean regime with the deployment of 28,500 US troops stationed in South Korea and 50,000 in Japan.

The decision of North Korea may also be given by the recent statements of Moscow which claimed that it will not unconditionally support Pyongyang. The Russians through their ambassador in North Korea already warned that they will not "stop cooperating with North Korea, but that they cannot jeopardize their own security on behalf of the neighbors," the Russian ambassador to North Korea said. The Kremlin wants above all, peace and understanding, which in the last year have been shaken by the small Asian nation and the universal gendarme: the United States.

However, despite this announcement that reassures Donald Trump and his advisors, until the meeting is held, nothing is guaranteed or the page closed in the nuclear race. Several political analysts suggest that there must be caution on both sides, especially from Washington, in order to the meeting to happen. Neither of the parties knows which cards are being shuffled. Hence, analysts suggest modesty in the press releases between the leaders of both parties, something that is worth particularly for big-mouth Trump who writes without thinking.

Within a week the leaders of both Koreas will meet. Moon and Kim are expected to discuss common points in order to achieve a peaceful coexistence between both nations, although reunification is a utopia due to the ideological differences between both systems. However, the meeting is already a success, because Moon is expected to facilitate the rapprochement between the United States and North Korea. Moon also hopes that the meeting between Kim and Trump will be successful seeking to stop the nuclear development of North Korea that threatens his country due to the proximity. The new missiles that Pyongyang has developed can reach 13 thousand kilometers although the flight effectiveness of them has not yet been developed.

Meanwhile, other analysts believe that Kim wants to meet with Trump as a way to give legitimacy to his government and the nuclear program that he carries out. Nevertheless, it is very suspicious that so far his government has set conditions, especially when it is a country with sanctions of the United States and the UN that undermine its economy. Kim has just said he will completely denuclearize, but he has not said the terms of it. Although according to Moon, North Korea only wants the end of the economic and war hostility towards its citizens.