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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Mike Pompeo visits Kim Jong-un ahead of crucial meeting

Por Feco

The director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo, met two weeks ago in secret with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un. The talks, earlier announced by The Washington Post, aimed to prepare the face-to-face that the Supreme Leader plans to keep with US President Donald Trump, to discuss the denuclearization of the Asian country.

The sending to hostile land of one of the strong men of the White House and future secretary of state shows that the preparation of the summit is on track. Trump himself recalled on Tuesday that, if nothing goes wrong, the meeting will be held in early June and that there are five locations studied, none in the United States. "We have had direct talks at very high levels with North Korea," the president said without mentioning Pompeo. The face to face will mark a divide in the Korean conflict. Never the presidents of both countries have met.

The highest-level meeting before Pompeo's visit was recorded in 2000 when the then Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, met with The Beloved Leader, Kim Jong-il (1942-2011), son of the Great Leader, Kim Il -sung (1912-1994) and father of the current president. That negotiation, like the previous and subsequent, failed and showed the difficulty of dealing with a regime cast in a suffocating cult of personality and whose main concern is the perpetuation of a lineage of tyrants. This time, in addition, the challenge has gone further than ever. After inheriting the power in 2011, Kim Jong-un resumed the arms race initiated by his father, and has accelerated it to achieve the hydrogen bomb and missiles with capacity to reach US territory.

This time, it has been a frantic pulse that has been accompanied by an overwhelming escalation of tension with Washington. Not only were both leaders insulted and threatened, but American diplomacy established a tight siege on Pyongyang. The sanctions and condemnations in the UN Security Council multiplied and, in a historic turn, the US won the support of China, which absorbs 90% of North Korean exports. According to El País, asphyxiated, the Supreme Leader decided at the end of 2017 to reduce the tension.

First, he opened a direct negotiation with South Korea, then acknowledged that he was willing to denuclearize if his regime was respected and finally, last March, he offered the meeting with Trump. An opportunity that the president of the USA, did not fail to take advantage. He immediately said yes, but without lowering his guard. Sanctions and military maneuvers have been maintained. "We are not going to make the mistakes of the past. We have reviewed what was done in previous negotiations and all led to a detente; concessions were made in exchange for maintaining dialogue. But this time the president is clear that he will not give any reward to Kim Jong-un", said a spokesman for the White House.

History has showed that expecting a positive outcome of such meeting is just for naïve people. However, the whole world hopes at least for a break in the continues desire for peace.