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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Millionaire overnight

Por thais

A Sevillian waiter from the city of Utrera will be able to charge a millionaire inheritance that will undoubtedly improve his quality of life and that of his family. After a long and expensive trial that lasted about five years, debating the ownership of the estate, the sixty-year-old waiter managed to prove that he is the son of a deceased and millionaire businessman.

According to the information provided by Cadena SER, the waiter will receive a legacy of more than two million euros (2.5 million dollars). Fernando Osuna, the beneficiary's lawyer, explains that his client is born from the relationship that the businessman, who died in 2001, and the girl who worked at home doing certain domestic tasks. Although the man was not legally recognized by the deceased, nor did he mention it in the will, the Supreme Court of Spain took the decision in favor of the plaintiff, who maintained a long trial of five years with his brothers, in the fight for this large heritage.

At the hearing, held at the Provincial Court of Seville, the judge rejected the appeal filed by the 'legitimate' children of the deceased millionaire, to acknowledge the fact that Osuna's client was also the employer's son. The lawyer assured EFE that the relatives of the deceased exhumed the body and destroyed their skeletal remains in order to avoid a future DNA test and hinder the compatibility checks between the employer and his unrecognized son. His half brothers, also did not appear at the Institute of Toxicology of Seville to compare their DNA with that of the plaintiff.

The sentence stipulates that according to the relationship of the man's mother with the deceased millionaire, she was known by the neighbors of the area, who on more than one occasion saw the girl when she was pregnant. It also took into consideration the physical resemblance between the plaintiff and the 'legitimate' children of the deceased, who in addition to sharing the inheritance, will also have to pay, as part of the judgment, the costs of the judicial process, which lasted more than five years and amounts to approximately nine thousand euros (11,120 dollars).