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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Rick Scott, the Fouché of Florida.

Por qubano22005

Rick Scott is a renegade. At least that is what Marion Hammer, lobbyist for the National Rifle Association, considers it and they will undoubtedly make Scott pay his irreverence in the upcoming elections. Otherwise, at least they have undertaken it in a big way with the Governor of Florida, who, according to the lobbyist, has gave up to pressure, harassment and coercion after the shooting in Parkland High School where 17 people died. Hammer does not conceive that Rick has conscience and that he too has been moved by the killing. If not, at least his interest in winning the election has made him the heretic of the NRA in Florida.

Although a full and direct attack by the NRA against Scott is unlikely, it is almost certain that it could deny him their formal support. To start, the Association has initiated an advertising campaign among its members, in which they spoke of "renegade politicians", but no reference was made to the Governor of Florida.

However, the Association has not remained hand-crossed. They recently approved a lawsuit against Scott immediately and have withdrawn part of his support. According to Hammer, Scott's change of mind has been politically motivated rather than out of conscience, since after the 2016 shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando and the attack earlier this year at the Fort Lauderdale airport, he had not planned any legislation to regulate gun control.

Hammer added that the governor of Florida is responsible for the rights of those who own weapons in his state. According to the lobbyist, the NRA has always defended the gun owners under the Second Amendment. From his vision those who do not do so are against their precepts. Marion has been recognized on multiple occasions for keeping faithfully the NRA agenda at Tallahassee, seat of the Florida government.

It is logical that Scott turns his back to the important arms lobby since it was precisely in his state that a national movement of repudiation against arms and for a greater regulation in the possession of them originated. After the Parkland massacre, several state and local governments took action, and companies such as Dick's Sporting Goods put an end to the sale of some guns.

Other politicians also doubt of the sudden change of Rick Scott. Peter Ambler, executive director of a group that promotes security through weapons, recently told the media that while Bill Nelson supported regulations against guns, Scott did the opposite. For his part, Bill Nelson, the Governor's opponent, despite not hiding his love for the hunt, points out that Scott is capable of doing anything to get elected, even to join the groups in favor of the regulations on gun possession.

So far, the attacks against Scott have become palpable in social networks. Some even accuse him of being unpatriotic and weak. Other members of the Florida NRA have said they will not support the Governor after signing the law regulating the possession of fire guns in the state. Also the affiliates to the lobby have ironized with the increase of the age to carry arms and the elections. However, Rick Scott does not fear these threats or the NRA, as it is well known that he does not need their financial support and in his chess movement, he sees his place in the Senate.