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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Sebastian Rulli is in a couple of three?

Por Damian

Gabriel Soto and Sebastian Rulli drove their fans crazy by announcing that they were preparing to prove they are a couple of three. With a photo shoot and a few very promising videos, the most popular soap opera actors in the United States created enough fuss on social networks for many to wonder what exactly they are up to.

The reality has disappointed their followers in the United States, because Soto and Rulli are the main characters of a theater comedy in which they will be accompanied by Verónica Montes and Michelle González. The actors will tour the Mexican territory with the play "A couple of three", directed by Benjamín Cann and produced by Rubén Lara.

They are disappointed because these works, which are organized by Televisa affiliates to maintain the productive life of the few actors they keep in contract, rarely reach the United States. However, the entanglements of castings and even personal situations of the actors produce enough heart news and rumors to keep even the most distant fans entertained.

The theater has not been kind to Soto. During 2015 he starred in "Why men love the bastards", initially with Aylín Mujica and Aracely Arámbula, who is Rulli's ex-partner. These were replaced by Marjorie de Sousa and Aleyda Núñez. With these he traveled when they took the indiscreet photos on the beach that cracked the marriage of the Mexican actor and the actress Geraldine Bazán. Then he continued the tour with Irina Baeva, to whom people sentimentally linked him with when he was still married to Bazán, Cecilia Galliano, Rulli's ex-wife.

Rulli, on the other hand, has preferred to go on safe and has kept on works with his partner, the Mexican-French actress Angélique Boyer, with whom he often exchanges passionate messages through social networks. In the last months he participated without her in "Until the wedding separates us", but Boyer accompanied him on most trips.

The entangled relationships between the Mexican actors do not remain in the theater, but also extends to soap operas. Bazán, Soto's ex, is working with Julián Gil, the former boyfriend of Marjorie de Sousa. As usual, the entertainment industry is filled with feuds, love and drama to fill the tabloids.