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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Stormy, Donald Trump´s nightmare

Por dbloggers

The playful Donald Trump, "Donny," as Stormy Daniels may have called him in private, will probably have to appear in court due to Daniels’ claiming to have offered her“services” to the president and who -according to Daniels- watched in first row (being euphemistic) of her“artistic talent”. And even though Robert Mueller has not been able to bring the New Yorker mogul to court, it is very likely the porn actress will do so. His lawyer has requested a motion for the US president to declare in court and be interrogated regarding the pact of silence they agreed on the presumed sexual relationship.

There is no doubt Donald Trump is a very naughty boy and now his adventures are causing headaches to his lawyers who try to get him clean out of several scandals. So far, the most pressing is the one linked to Daniels, former Playboy model who has unleashed another Lewinski-styled scandal.

The hearing has been scheduled for April 30 with Judge James Otero in the Los Angeles district. According to media reports, lawyer Michael Avenatti intends Trump and his lawyer, Michael Cohen, to declare regarding the payment of $ 130,000 to Stormy Daniels on a silent agreement. According to Avenatti, he has the purpose to unravel the president’s guilt or not, and to know if, in fact, this one knew of the payment and was authorized by him.

During this last month, the media have highlighted Trump’s lawyer carried out the operation while Donald’s campaign was running up.The president must deliver a judicial statement on the litigation for the alleged sexual affair he had with the woman between 2006 and 2007. On the other hand, Avenatti is interested on knowing the details if regulations on electoral financing were violated. The curious thing about the case is that the jurisprudence of the US Supreme Court established since 1997 after the Lewinski and Clinton’s case that presidents do not have immunity in cases related to civil suits.

Apparently, Daniels' lawyer does not blame the president for his indiscretion, but for having used public funds to buy the silence of his client. Is he being a very good patriot? Even Avenatti assured that the pretensions are not to reach a millionaire agreement but to know the truth one hundred percent. "We are looking for sworn statements from the president and Mr. Cohen about what they knew when they knew it and what they did about it," he told reporters, although he admitted wanting to take a good commission if a "beneficial" arrangement was achieved for both parties. One might ask, and it would not be strange or unusual if some politician or "undisclosed source" says that Russians are involved, since currently US policy is upside down and anything is possible in the insane asylum that the White House has become.

Still, the solution of the case cannot be glimpsed and Micheal Avanatti, lawyer of Stephanie Clifford, Daniels’ real name, has declared that he does not know the direction the case will take, and considers that they will use all means to get to the truth if necessary. On his side, Cohen has said he paid $ 130,000 from his own pocket to the actress and that his client never had any relationship with her. Then why Trump’s lawyers counterattacked requesting an indemnification of 20 million dollars for having broken the pact?

This is not the first little adventure Donald Trump faces. Other women have accused the president of having sex without consent and being touched by Trump. In fact, Joe Biden added salt to the wound declaring that if he would have been in Trump's high school, he would have bitten him off for that kind of behavior. True or not, if Clifford's arguments are real and demonstrable, the president will be in serious trouble that could get him out of the White House.