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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The cuban duet didn't imagine to be at Estefan's studio

Por qubano22005

Yomil and Danny still remember those years when they only had the money to take the bus and begged to perform one or two sings in several discotheques in Havana. They also remember when they saw no future as a group, and the obstacles set in the nightclubs made them take different paths.

Three years later they met again in a concert by Jacob Forever, who joined them. The song "Tengo" that reminded those times of vicissitudes was the creation of the Yomil and Danny rhythm: the trapton, and with it, their jump to fame. A few years later, they are with Emilio Estefan, one of the most famous producers of Hispanic music.

The Cuban duo did not imagine it. After concluding their tour in Miami, they were invited to the recording studios of Emilio Estefan, one of the largest producers of Hispanic music, but also one of the most recognized artists for his musical contribution to Latin America, besides being the husband of the recognized Cuban singer Gloria Estefan. They were photographed in Crescent Moon studios and their photos on Instagram have shocked the Cuban celebrity world, but it could also be a turn of the page for artists living in Cuba because of the implications of this shot.

The meeting at the studios, to the southwest of Miami, was possible thanks to a mutual friend, lawyer Ralph Patiño. According to Estefan, it was a pleasant meeting where, besides the talent of the boys, their charisma and energy have drawn the attention of the Cuban and Miami’s public.

However, Estefan, who has always made public his animosity toward the communist regime in Havana, made clear his interest in "converting" Cuban duet, who were born on the island and who have only recently seen the difference between one system and another; Miami paraphernalia could cloud their judgments as well as the success they can reach 90 miles away from Havana. Jacob Forever, Gente de Zona and other Cuban reaggettoneros are living important moments of their careers after "jumping the puddle" - as Cubans call to emigrate.

It is true that, when it comes to achieve international recognition, Cuba is not the ideal scenario due to the isolation the Caribbean island has from the artistic world despite the talent that exists within it. Estefan’s capital sin is wanting to link politics to art. In his declarations to The Miami Herald, he commented that "he loved showing them what it was like to work in a nation in freedom". "... Cuba is full of talented artists, and I hope that Yomil and El Dany will be very successful because success is the worst enemy of Communism. It would be a way to contribute to the future of a free Cuba”, affirmed Estefan.

And although the producer clarified that there was no talk on politics, his words connote his interest on the artists to desert or at least make controversial statements that take them to Miami stages. Estefan would simply gain the pleasure of adding other "unsatisfied" artists with Havana regime and incorporate them into his catalog.

However, Estefan said during the meeting they discussed how the music market works in the United States, especially Latin one. For Yomil and Danny, one of the most successful Cuban reggaetton performers in the island, having met Emilio means a change in all senses. The Instagram photo has multiple viewings. On the one hand, it could mean to the artists to reach the great musical scenarios of the United States and even the Grammys, the Latin MTVs and all kind of award there is in which Estefan pulls some strings. On the other hand, it could imply a break with their country, in which so far they have developed their talent and have earned the love of the Cuban public. Such disagreement with the authorities could lead to Havana regime prohibiting them to perform in Cuba. Yomil and Danny will have to choose: to be Judas and receive the crumbs of "Emperor Estefan" or simply to be content with the love of their Cuban followers.

So far both singers have shown their sense of belonging to their homeland. Recently they made a featuring with Buena Fe and Omara Portuondo where they expressed their passion for the people of the island. Omara Portuondo is one of the greatest Cuban artists who, together with Chucho Valdés and Eliades Ochoa, have not needed the Estefan’s "support" conditioned to shake the international stages.

Yomil and Danny will have to choose carefully.