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Thursday, April 5, 2018

The YouTube's headquarter shooter has been identified

Por Damian

The woman who shot recently at YouTube headquarters in Silicon Valley and wounded three people before killing herself has been identified. Her name was Nasim Najafi Aghdam and with 39-year-old, hated the company and accused it of discrimination, according to Reuters web page. Police in San Bruno, the town south of San Francisco where the shooting took place, are still investigating the motive for the attack and have reported that at the moment, there are no indications that Aghdam knew the victims: one man and two women.

The attacker, of Iranian origin, lived in the city of San Diego (California). She had four YouTube channels and published content in Farsi, Turkish and English. Recently, she had complained about the remuneration policy of the video platform. In an Instagram post on March 18, the author of the shooting criticized that all her YouTube channels had been "filtered" by the platform so that her videos could hardly get visualizations.

In addition, in another publication in late January, the woman complained that the company censored the content of their accounts and was making her lose money. According to several US media, her father, Ismael, said she was angry because YouTube had stopped paying for his videos. "She hated the company," he said. Before the event, his family had reported her disappearance after she did not answer the phone calls for two days. The agents located her hours before the shooting sleeping in her car, parked 25km from the company's headquarters and warned his family.

Aghdam, who used a 9-millimeter pistol in the assault, defined herself as a vegan activist and, apart from his YouTube channels, had a website, called (green breeze in Persian), where she published articles and videos about a variety of topics such as Persian culture, veganism and animal abuse. She also hunged exercise routines and talked against the company. "There is no freedom of expression in the real world and you will be suppressed for telling the truth that is not supported by the system", she wrote.

The attacker criticized YouTube because she considered that it did not allow "equal opportunities". "Your channel will grow if they want", can be read on the website. Next to the text, Aghdam had attached four screenshots from her YouTube channels where she pointed out the reduction of visualizations on her videos and how she had received ten cents for more than 300,000 reproductions. Aghdam also quoted a phrase from Adolf Hitler: "Make the big lie, make it simple, repeat it and you might believe it".

After the attack, the four YouTube channels have been deactivated due to "serious violations of YouTube's policies". In addition, her Facebook and Instagram account allegedly linked to it have also been deactivated.