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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Things that have not yet been told

Por sumily

Researchers believe that the conflict arose from a power struggle between three high-ranking males: Humphrey, an alpha male recently crowned, and his southern rivals Charlie and Hugh.

According to one of the specialists, Humphrey was big and threw stones, which was frightening. Which could lead to separate intimidation of the other two chimpanzees Charlie and Hugh, but when they were together, he used to stay out of his way.

That was a time when the availability of females was unusually low, another probable reason why the fight for dominance has also increased.While the researchers acknowledge that the lack of other similar events in nature makes it difficult to contrast the new results, this work could bring some peace to Goodall.

In the Gombe National Park, Tanzania, in January 1974, Godi, a chimpanzee who ate alone on the branches of a tree was surrounded by eight monkeys. This began the only civil war documented among wild chimpanzees that had its beginning with a brutal murder.

According to British primatologist Richard Wrangham in statements in the television documentary "The demonic ape" produced by the BBC in 2004, Gordi jumped from the tree and ran, but caught him in the same way.According to the specialist, one of the monkeys took him by one foot, another held his hand, until he was totally immobilized and began to beat him. The attack lasted more than five minutes and by the time they let him go, he could barely move.

After that event, no one ever saw Chimpanzee Godi again.This tragic and violent episode is known as the beginning of the "War of 4 years", name given by the famous British primatologist Jane Goodall. The conflict divided a community of chimpanzees in Gombe and unleashed a wave of murders and violence never before seen and that has not been re-registered.

However, in the opinion of Joseph Feldblum, professor of evolutionary anthropology at Duke University, United States, in a statement from the institution said that the exact nature and cause of the separation of such an event is an eternal mystery.Feldblum a month ago led a study published in the scientific journal American Journal of Physical Anthropology where he unveils the story that led to this bloody war.

The specialist in Anthropology, has spent more than 25 years archiving and digitizing the notes that Goodall took during his more than 55 years living in the National Park of Gombe.The fact of discovering that these monkeys manufactured and used tools, had a primitive language and were able to understand what their peers thought, changed everything we thought we knew about chimpanzees, and about human beings.

However, it was not the only thing that Goodall discovered. The specialist also revealed the cruelty that these animals could reach.He spent four years documenting looting, beatings and assassinations between the Kasakela and Kahama fractions, located north and south of the park respectively. At that time, for example, one third of the deaths of male chimpanzees in Gombe were perpetrated by the animals themselves.From Goodall's point of view, the war only came to show that these animals had more similarities with humans than we could imagine.