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Friday, April 6, 2018

Trump vs Biden inside the ring, who will win?

Por qubano22005

It would be very interesting to watch a fight between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, maybe to add more spicy details to the circus in which Trump has turned the White House. Recently, both returned to exchange hard words and even each one of them has bragged about who would be the possible winner if they go to the fists.

The hilarious thing is that media have echoed both statements again and again, and made public the not so remote possibility in the fight of the century style. Truly, it’s hard to imagine both septuagenarians on a boxing ring, although it would be a divine spectacle.

Several cable agencies have reported the last Twit of the North American president who considered that Joe Biden, besides being a person with mental problems, was physically and mentally weak, although he acted like a rude guy. The comment in the social network that fascinated the US president came after the statements of the former Vice President who pronounced against sexual violence and who, between lines, referred to the New York mogul.

The president strutted about his physical power, even said that the-exvice president would cry and ask for mercy. Do not threaten people, Joe!, was another of his twits, as it is known Donald Trump has been accused of sexual crimes and several women have testified against him, although so far there is no conclusive evidence linking him to these facts. In addition, the president's lawyers team has known how to defend him very well and has taken it out of the boiling water on several occasions.The last incident was with the "adult" film actress Stormy Daniels. Besides his indecent behavior, he added obscene comments.

It is not a secret to anyone that Donald Trump boasts of handing women all over, and almost always refers to them as sexual objects. Even once, as a joke, he commented on his daughter's physical "kindness". Yet, the capital sin of the ex-president has not been discoursed on the rude and immoral behavior of the head of state, more when the United States and the world are living the #Metoo movement and numerous artists have supported the Time's Up’s. No, he made the protocol mistake to comment that if they were in high school he would beat Trump up and included offenses about the Donald Trump’s physic.

This has not been an isolated event. Previously, during the 2016 campaign, the same thing happened. One of the secrets of the rivalry lies on their possible confrontation to the presidency in 2020. However, Donald Trump does not believe him a worthy candidate, or capable of rising to the challenge. Nevertheless, in his derogatory talk, he said he would kick Biden’s ass and that he was like a beast.

The saddest thing is that American politics, as presaged by the elections in which Trump and Hillary confronted, beyond clever fights of political arguments, seem like street brawls and gossip for the press in which those involved, far away to find solutions to the problems of the nation, engage in solutions and answers to matters of private life. It's as if Donald Trump, since he arrived at the presidential house, was directing and co-producing his own reality show. However, it has been an intelligent strategy against anyone who has been mentioned as a possible adversary for the presidential elections.