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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Two huge alligators terrify their way through the US

Por Damian

Many believe that Floridians should be accustomed to seeing exotic animals in the streets due to the large amount of swamps in the state, but the presence of huge alligators is something that always frightens them. This time, a 10-foot alligator decided to take a walk in front of a middle school in Deltona, on Sunday night, surprising the people who were driving around the place, the local channel FOX 35 reported last Tuesday.


The reptile stopped traffic on the Enterprise Road as it moved along the sidewalk, ignoring the people looking at it and taking photos and videos, albeit at a safe distance. "I saw something huge, cloudy, and gray on the asphalt. In fact, I thought it was a kind of snake, but the closer I got, I realized it was a great alligator ", said Karl Miranda.

Although the alligator "obeyed" the "do not enter" sign posted on the school fence, the campus staff reviewed the surrounding grounds on Monday morning to make sure the children could go to classes safely. Someone called a trapper, but when the reptile arrived it had disappeared. Some people said it was possible for the reptile to head towards nearby Lake Monroe.

But the dangerous encounters with wildlife are not unique to Florida. In South Carolina, another giant alligator frightened a group of retired Marines on a golf course when he quietly crossed the 17th hole. Michael Zimmer was playing golf with two friends at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island when the reptile moved around the place. The group had already seen several alligators, but none like this, according to The Beaufort Gazette.

"Everyone is on the banks of the ponds", Zimmer said in a text message on Monday. "But this was the last, huge and the only one moving."

Zimmer recorded the reptile and the video had been viewed more than 55,000 times on Instagram since Monday morning. The Legends golf course, on Parris Island, is home to a 12-foot-long alligator known as "Fred," said professional golfer Andy Hinson.

Parris Island officials reminded the public not to feed or harass alligators, after visitors to the center recently threw carrots at one. The best way to handle an encounter with alligators is to give the animals ample space, said Fripp Island naturalist Jessica Miller to The Beaufort Gazette.

"These animals are really simple, they like to be in the water or enjoy it, we just have to stay behind, when they move from pond to pond, big ones like this know exactly where they are going, and their destiny is the only thing in their mind”, she said.