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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Which media were honored with a Pulitzer this year?

Por Damian

The Pulitzer Awards have made a decision and honored some of the best achievements in Journalism! The New York Times and The New Yorker magazine won one for Public Service since they spread the Harvey Weinstein scandal that originated the #MeToo movement and brought global attention to sexual misconduct at workplaces.

The Times and The Washington Post won the Pulitzer for national journalism regarding their coverage of investigations into Russia´s interference in the 2016 presidential contest in the United States and the possible links between the campaign team of President Donald Trump and Russian officials.

The newspaper The Press Democrat, Santa Rosa, California, received the award for breaking news coverage of wildfires that affected the north of the state in the middle of last year and left 44 people dead and thousands of homes destroyed. The Washington Post also won the investigative journalism award for uncovering allegations of sexual misconduct by Sen. Roy Moore, who went back decades. The Republican ex-judge rejected the accusations, but ultimately influenced the Democrat Doug Jones to win the contest.

The Pulitzer, the most prestigious awards of journalism in the United States, reflected a year of unprecedented news and unprecedented challenges for the country's press, after Trump criticized the stories again and again as "false news" and qualified the journalists as "enemy of the people". In announcing the awards, Pulitzer Administrator Dana Canedy said the winners "defend the highest purpose of a free and independent press, even in the most difficult times."

"Their work is true news at the highest level, executed nobly, as has always been the intention of journalism, without fears or favors", he added.

A series of articles published in The New York Times and The Washington Post shed light on Russian interference in the presidential election and its links to Trump's campaign and transition, which are now being investigated by special prosecutor Robert Mueller. The president described the investigations as a "witch hunt".

The Pulitzer judges praised the two newspapers for their "relentless coverage with deep sources in the public interest". In articles published with different days in October, The New York Times and The New Yorker reported that movie mogul Weinstein faced accusations of harassment and sexual assault of numerous Hollywood women dating back decades and had paid secretly to keep silence.