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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Venezuelan FM: Rex Tillerson is obsessed with Venezuela


The tension in Venezuela remains as the top leaders of the country continue to struggle with the local and foreign opposition while trying to prove the world they need nothing else but the path they have chosen with their Revolution. The United States keeps on pressuring the Latin American leaders into "true democracy".

On Thursday afternoon, the Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, said in a publication that the tour of Rex Tillerson is aimed at an obsession with threats against Venezuela. "The Tillerson tour, other than confirming the carnal allegiances of some ruling elites towards D. Trump, was nothing more than a demonstration of the obsession and threats against Venezuela. Our sovereign Democracy does not obey imperialist pressures, it obeys free people”, he assured. The head of the American diplomacy began on February 1 a tour that lasted until last Wednesday.

During his trip, he threatened to increase the "pressure" of the US government on Venezuela and constitutional president Nicolás Maduro. Last Sunday, February 4, for example, Tillerson announced, from Argentina, that his government and that of Mauricio Macri are studying the implementation of oil sanctions against Venezuela to "force" the government of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro. The head of the National Government delegation at the roundtable, Jorge Rodríguez, denounced on Tuesday that the opposition did not sign the Agreement of Democratic Coexistence for Venezuela after Julio Borges received a call from the Secretary of State of the United States, Rex Tillerson, who was at that moment in Colombia.

It is well known that the current US administration is not comfortable with maintaining healthy relationships with countries deemed enemies in the past. Media favorable to progress in Latin America continue to argue that the United States has aided to bring down Nicolás Maduro and his allies. On the other side, the Venezuelan government structure has been attacked over and over by western outlets.

To that, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, assured that "Venezuela is open to give all the necessary guarantees and receive all international observers who want to come", this in reference to the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for April 22. This was highlighted through his Twitter account @NicolasMaduro where he added: "More than to inspect, they can learn from the impeccable electoral system we have built."

It should be noted that a study conducted by the ICS pollster revealed that 56.3% of Venezuelans will re-elect Nicolás Maduro in the presidential elections to be held on April 22. This arouses numerous questions as to the seemingly futile US attempts to help people around the world build US-shaped democracies. In this sense, Trump and his followers should follow the moto of the 2016 campaign of making America Great Again and turn to themselves.