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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Cubans on American television

Por mayli2017

Son of professional singers, Alberto Pujols was born in the capital of Cuba and had his beginnings in acting at 10 years in programs and children's theaters of television, a medium where he has developed a broad and versatile career.In addition to playing with equal quality in dramatic and humorous roles, he has been the host and host of countless national and international programs and events. He has composed 16 recordings and made orchestrations for commercials, television series and theatrical shows. Recognized in the Caribbean Island for his performances in feature films such as Guardafronteras, Birds shooting at the shotgun, Casa Vieja, Boleto al paraíso, among others.

Old and New, in a prison of an unknown city are forced to put three gold eggs a day by decision of a higher mandate. The challenge is arduous and borders on the absurd, but if they do not overcome it their lives will be in danger. La ponedores, a fiction short film directed by Lilo Vilaplana, which returns Albertico Pujol and Gilberto Reyes to the screen in the main roles in América TeVé.

According to director Lilo Vilaplana, after stating that any coincidence with the Castro regime that has prevailed in his country for more than half a century "is not purely coincidental", Layers is a metaphor for the totalitarian systems that subject their citizens to the most incredible tests. In this case, the conflict is triggered when an inmate escapes from prison with one of the precious eggs.

Based on the homonymous work of the Mexican playwright Ivan Tula Grillo, the same that a few years ago Vilaplana directed at Microteatro Miami, the director believed that his proposal could go beyond the limits of a container, who also distributed the action between the cell, the corridors and the prison hall. The 15-minute production was filmed in two 12-hour days at AméricaTeVé studios and a Hialeah quarry.

Referring to the selection of the cast, Vilaplana pointed out that there is nothing more rewarding than working with actors who are always contributing to their characters. To say of Pujol, from the first moment he realized that history gave many possibilities to the actor's work. And since he did not do anything on television in front of the series Celia, in Colombia, he saw in this an opportunity to show a new facet with the character El Nuevo.

Alberto Pujol, a well-known actor in his country, is convinced that the short film will please the public for its theme and the impeccable performance. In his view, the photography and the setting are sublime. However, the main attraction of the short is the argument, which could happen anywhere. Pujol celebrated the re-encounter with Gilberto Reyes, with whom he alternated in Cuba when they belonged to the Escambray and Cubana de Acero theater groups, in the 1980s.