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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

When humanity says enough

Por mayli2017

The comedian of Pakistani origin nominated for the script for "That's why they call it love," Kumail Nanjiani, at the Oscar awards gala said that some of his favorite movies are made by white heterosexual men over white heterosexual men. For her part, Greta Gerwig, the only director nominated by "Lady Bird", appealed to the audience to make more movies.

The focus on the #MeToo movement had an unforeseen consequence: it took attention away from President Donald Trump, harshly criticized by the entertainment world since his arrival in power.The gala was also a place to ask for luck for the almost 700,000 "dreamers", young undocumented immigrants who can be deported from the United States after Trump revoked a program that protects them.

In the first Oscars, the #MeToo movement played a leading role since the sexual scandal of Harvey Weinstein broke out, reducing the show much of the usual frivolity.Frances McDormand on receiving the Oscar for Best Actress offered an exciting speech for the #MeToo movement, which pursues the purpose of ending sexual harassment and gender inequality in Hollywood, he placed his statue on the floor and, very animated, McDormand asked to stand up to the women nominated in all categories. And he sent everyone to google the term 'inclusion rider', hinting at a clause in the contracts that forces diversity in the template of a film.

For his part, the Mexican director Guillermo del Toro, whose film "The shape of water" won the Oscar for best film, made reference to his own experience and kindly referred to the migration policies of Donald Trump. To say, del Toro who is an immigrant with residence in Los Angeles, when receiving the award for best director, said that the film business is to live in a country of all our own.

Also, the host of Oscar Jimmy Kimmel celebrated, in his monologue at the beginning of the ceremony, the fall of Weinstein, once the almighty Hollywood producer, today disgraced after being accused by a hundred women of harassment and abuse. Kimmel says the world is watching us and it is time for us to set an example. The comedian turned to humor and said that the Oscar statuette is a suitable figure for the time because we can not see his hands, he does not say a rude word and he does not have a penis.

Referring to the "The shape of water", he said that he will always be remembered by men making so many mistakes that women started to go out with fish. Undoubtedly, the Oscar made a montage in which several stars called the industry to be more representative. Salma Hayek, Ashley Judd and Annabella Sciorra, who claim to be victims of Weinstein, opened the section and declared that things have changed. Women are raising their voices to express something that has always been happening, not only in Hollywood but in every segment of life.