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Monday, April 16, 2018

Herrera: MLS spends stratospheric amounts of money

Por Feco

Miguel Herrera, coach of América, believes that "stratospheric" spending on players is allowing Major League Soccer to compete with Liga MX, but he says MLS still has a lot of work to do to reach the Mexican league in terms of talent and level. The big salaries of famous players were considered a key difference between the MLS and the Mexican League.

Miguel Herrera, Mexico's former technical director, saw MLS Toronto FC beat América 3-1 in the first leg of the CONCACAF Champions League semi-final on Tuesday, but he is confident that Liga MX will continue to be stronger than its counterpart of the north. "They have improved, they have spent stratospheric amounts of money", Herrera said in an interview with Fox Sports. "They compete with Europe (in terms of) money." That does not happen in Mexico. As we notice, the issue of money spending in football grabs also headlines outside Europe and Asia. "[It's] a league that is growing well, taking giant steps every day and bringing players who are not ready to retire, but quality players with five or six years remaining in their careers. I think they are growing well and doing things well, [but] I still insist that our league is stronger and above their league".

Call it pure nationalism but this is the was the controversial manager thinks about MLS. Herrera said that the MLS was doing things "under the table" regardless of formal salaries to attract players to the league and pointed out the ability of the LA Galaxy to sign a world star like Zlatan Ibrahimovic and pay him below the limit of a designated player.

For him, it was more than clear: "They have three designated players". [But] they started doing things under the table”. Just mere accusations? Herrera continues: “Zlatan is going to MLS and what he is supposed to win with the Galaxy is nothing compared to what he won in Manchester, naturally they gave him something else, so he would be happy to go to the league."

El Piojo repeated the idea that Liga MX should compete with European leagues instead of an MLS that it considers inferior to the first division of Mexico. "I think MLS is growing as it should and in accordance to how people in MLS have planned, but we have been an established league for many years", said Herrera. "We are planning to grow and reach European leagues that are within our level such as Holland, Portugal and above them Germany, England and Spain”.

Is the renowned football leader being realistic or just too Mexican? You can vote both. He also took the time to emphasized that his players were mistreated by police at BMO Field and indicated that he had a difference of opinion with TFC coach Greg Vanney, despite a video of the incident showing an American member beating the TFC player.