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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Macron's speech in US Congress shoots against the Trump agenda

Por Jade

After the gestures of personal attunement, mimes and praises, came the uncheck, the great ideological stampede, one of the biggest jaques that a president has given to the Trump administration. Emmanuel Macron, in the path of the tradition of his predecessors in the Elysee with a speech before the two joint chambers of Congress, broke without shades with everything that represents politically the outsider president, the tycoon who landed fifteen months ago in the White House and in the world to break with the establishment.

The successor of Lafayette, De Gaulle, Chirac, Mitterrand, Sarkozy, all beneficiaries of an invitation that the United States has taken almost from its origins to the France that decisively helped its independence, took advantage of its access to the heart of Washington to launch an appeal in favor of "freedom", "democracy" and "human rights".

But the value of Macron's speech, which today stands as a lawyer for the devil, became relevant in his denunciation of all the evil that the current Oval Office occupant represents, with a special emphasis on "isolationism and nationalism."

In contrast to the policy represented by his US counterpart, Macron expressly recalled that "the same country that invented multilateralism in the twentieth century is the same country that must preserve and reinvent it in the twenty-first century." The critical messages of the French president, pronounced with vigor despite his undisguised "friendship" with Trump, precisely because of the very condition of political "outsider" of which he also presumes, resonated strongly in a solemn session.

Gathered in the Capitol were the Republican majority, allied to the force or interested victim of its president, depending on how you look at it, and a Democratic minority that applauded the French president in rage. The broadside to the way of doing of the White House did not prevent that the practically totality of congressmen of the House of Representatives and the Senate surrendered to the proclamation of Macron, that, ironically, was supported in part of the essence of the American republicanism, today the drift: rejection of economic protectionism and defense of order settled after World War II. A global commitment for which the French leader used a meeting of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, faced with the need to face the "critical" moment in the world: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.

In his progressive and relentless deconstruction of Trumpism, the French president was especially combative in refuting the arguments with which the protectionist president has unleashed a global trade earthquake. Less than a week after Trump decided whether or not to impose tariffs on steel (25%) and aluminum (10%) on imports of Chinese products to Europe, Macron became an advocate of international free trade and of deregulation and called for any solution to improve relations between countries through "talks within the framework of the World Trade Organization."

The French president also clung to economic reasons. Contrary to what his friend Trump raises at each rally in the industrial states, Macron said that international trade agreements "benefit workers, employment and the rise in wages." An argument that he completed by turning the sentence into a passive one: "Trade barriers generate commercial wars whose final price is also paid by the middle classes".

After an attack antiTrump that will have celebrated all the pertaining to the American traditional policy carved during decades, Macron did not forget to continue courting the president before the Iranian challenge. Hammering his promise to toughen the deal to Tehran, the French president tried to win over the same Congress that must sanction the regime of the ayatollahs if Trump decides to break the nuclear agreement on May 12. As if it were a firewall, Macron seeks to avoid a unilateral rupture that would condemn the pact to death. "Iran will not have nuclear weapons either now or in five years or ten years. Never! ", He finished, to the delight of a respectable person who always expects maximum firmness with one of the traditional enemies of the United States.

The list of claims to Trump that tries to subvert the great international commitments was stopped in the Paris Agreement, the pact signed by almost all countries to combat climate change. In front of the exit of the United States announced last year by Trump, Macron was as short as it was definitive: "There is no Planet B." Although this was one of the few issues on which the Elysee ruler publicly confessed his optimism: "One day, the United States will return and join the Paris Agreement again." Of course, in the environmental future of the Earth, Macron did not convince everyone present. Thomas Massie, Republican representative for the fourth district of Kentucky, was posted on his Twitter account with these objections: "The French president is a militarist socialist, globalist and alarmist about science, which represents the darkest of the American Democratic Party."