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Friday, April 27, 2018

Marlins and the series vs. the Dodgers

Por Feco

The official website of the Miami Marlins reports that months after leaving his job as a substitute teacher at a primary school, Trevor Richards beat Clayton Kershaw in the game the Miami Marlins won on Wednesday, 8-6 to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Marlins took advantage of an unusually uncontrolled performance by Kershaw, hence taking the series.

Venezuelan baseball player Miguel Rojas put the cherry on the cake in the series that the Marlins snatched from Dodgers at their own home, winning the last game of three by 8-6, with a homer. "First series we won, it feels pretty good, because we could fight to score a couple of runs before one of the best pitchers in the big leagues and had the game in our favor," Rojas told ESPN in the dressing rooms, after shooting a 3-run homer in front of powerful Clayton Kershaw to give a boost to the visitors in the fifth inning. "I played with him and I had an idea of what he tries to do with the hitters; I was looking for the pitch he sent me I made a good contact", he commented.

Although the start of the Marlins has been marred by 17 losses, winning this series is praiseworthy especially for the individual efforts as the young pitcher Jarlin Garcia, with an ERA of 4.73 in the regular season, allowed only four hits in six innings in the first game on the mound of Chávez Ravine. "I am very happy with what is happening with my career, we are focused, we are working hard and trying to get out there and give our best; it's what I've been working on since I was a kid in the minor leagues and it's paying off”, commented the lefty, who recognized the Dodgers' outstanding bat in the second duel.

García added that “as for Kike Hernández, I made a good pitching, he managed to have contact, he won, but it's part of the game, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose; I kept focused on keeping the ball low and trying to get out of the inning, "he said. For the players of Derek Jeter the road is just beginning. J.T. Realmuto who hit two homers under the sky of the last game is shown as a key piece to advance. Don Mattingly's team will be measured soon against the Rockies and the Phillies looking to achieve in Miami, with the help of veteran Dominican Starlin Castro, the victories achieved in a foreign land.

"It is a young team and I feel very well so far," Castro told ESPN, sharing the key to his interaction with the rookies: "I try to help them, to prepare every day to play, to be successful in the major leagues, I think they are very humble and listen to what you say to them”. Let’s see if the words pronounced in Derek Jeter’s latest interview pay off.