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Friday, April 27, 2018

President of UD Las Palmas arrested upon arrival at airport


Agents of the National Police of the airport of Gran Canaria have arrested the president of the UD Las Palmas, Miguel Ángel Ramírez, as soon as he arrived on the island after landing on a private flight from Miami (United States), according to what sources from the National Police confirmed.

This arrest comes after the Court of Instruction Number 6 of Las Palmas on Thursday issued a search, arrest, and immediate presentation in court against him as a result of the procedure that the top official of Union Deportiva Las Palmas has opened for an alleged crime against Social Security, reports Pedro Murillo. The boss of the yellow team did not appear, because he was in Miami, to the judicial appeal that he had for last Thursday, April 19, according to the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands (TSJC). The businessman of Gran Canaria, a reference shareholder of Seguridad Integral Canaria, society on which the criminal investigation against him is opened, has been detained by agents of the National Police minutes before eight o'clock in the morning and is waiting for his delivery to the judge who has claimed for him.

In the car, to which EL PAÍS has had access, the judge argues that the explanations made by Ramírez, who excused himself from not going to the citation alleging the itinerary of air travel passages Las Palmas-Madrid-Miami, are not acceptable. In this sense, the judge considers that "there is no proven cause to justify his failure to appear," as he stated that the tickets were purchased on March 21 of this year to travel on March 24 and with the return scheduled for April 4., with arrival in Gran Canaria for April 5. However, he states that Ramírez "did not use these tickets", which would have allowed him to appear on the date set for him; Later, he purchased a ticket on April 11 to fly from Miami on April 24 and with scheduled arrival in Gran Canaria on April 25. The funny thing here is that all the judge’s reasons are based on the documentation provided by Ramírez's lawyer.

For the chief of the court these facts motivate a "contumacious and rebellious conduct with the consequent contempt of the judicial summon", which took place on March 13 of this year, so he was aware of it and "decided to leave abroad". He also emphasizes that the fact that his defense manifests that Ramírez will appear on April 26 "further increases the lack of respect for the broken appeal, since it seems that it remains at the discretion of the aforementioned party when a statement must be received." The president of the UD Las Palmas is accused of the commission of a presumed fraud to the Treasury and the Social Security to supposedly camouflage in concept of travel expenses.