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Monday, April 30, 2018

Reality came to the cinema

Por mayli2017

For the Puerto Rican actress Roselyn Sánchez, whenever an actor or actress makes an independent film it is a lottery. They put all their love and faith into people seeing it, but 90 percent of the time nobody sees it. Lucky for Traffik, directed by Deon Taylor, the studio Lionsgate relied on this film and will give a good distribution.Sanchez emphasizes a scene from the film that she feels particularly proud of and is where her character and that of Cuban Laz Alonso have a discussion in Spanish without subtitles.Known for the series Without a Trace and Devious Maids, she recently recorded a Grand Hotel pilot, adapted in English from the Spanish Gran Hotel format for ABC.

Roselyn Sánchez, famous Puerto Rican actress, said in an interview that filming the feature film Traffik, a film about human trafficking, was "an awakening" for her, because Sánchez was of the opinion that such phenomena only have a place in the third world.On the plot of the film, in force on the US Billboard, the 45-year-old actress told that the plot is a situation that gives panic and sadness. It's depressing to know that these things happen. People, as parents never go back to sleep the same way, knowing that out there, in the streets there are people who can snatch your children and drag them into such a horrible life.

If you add to it the way things are in the world, there is no respect for humanity itself and that is what the humans themselves have caused.It is sad to feel those families, those little girls who disappear and never see them again. Sometimes, we think that it can not be real, but it is.

According to the Polaris Project, two years ago there were 7,621 cases of human trafficking in the US, of which 2,105 involved US citizens.The US response was to include China last year in its list of countries that do not do enough to combat human trafficking.The aforementioned list of the annual report of the US Department of State on the trafficking of people in the world includes other countries such as Venezuela, Belize, Russia, North Korea, Iran and Syria.

Directed by Deon Taylor, Traffik, an action thriller, tells how a romantic getaway to the mountains becomes a real nightmare for a couple starring Paula Patton and Omar Epps who, at the worst moment, receives the unexpected visit of some friends interpreted by Roselyn Sánchez and Laz Alonso.And all of them must fight for their lives after meeting with members of a trafficking network, who will not hold back until they retrieve a phone whose contents contain the names of all those involved in the plot.Sanchez acknowledged that the script caught her.

He found it very interesting because it is a very commercial thriller of suspense where, at the end, they throw the curve of human trafficking, which is something that nobody expects. Roselyn also liked the director's enthusiasm and passion for the project.Also, the actress said that she trusted the filmmaker's daring vision and was captivated mainly by working with a director of photography as well-known as Dante Spinotti, nominated for an Oscar by L.A. Confidential in 1997 and The Insider in 1999.