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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Russia states chemical attack was a staging

Por qubano22005

The United States did not wait for the tests of international organizations and without even having the Congress’ approval ordered the attack with Tomahawks missiles to Syria as a preventive and intimidating measure to Bashar Al-Assad’s regime. However, the pretext alluded by the West, as has happened with other nations such as Iraq, was a montage to justify the aggression.

This has been revealed by the Russians, Syria's main ally, by showing a video in which the "theatric" recording of the aforementioned chemical attack is shown. The spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Defense, General Igor Konashenkov, said he would offer the evidences of the recording of the alleged chemical attack in the Syrian town of Duma.

As testimony the spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Defense revealed that the protagonists of the recording of such incriminating performance are two emergency doctors of the locality. According to the Russians, when they asked the doctors about the attacks, they confessed that none of the victims had symptoms of poisoning. They also revealed that while they were on duty, several people broke into cameras and began the "staging" of the chemical attack.

It is not known how but the Russians have said they have proof of who were the protagonists and the masterminds of this informative maneuver that in few hours covered with missiles the Syrian sky. General Igor Konashenkov said that Russia will show the United Kingdom’s involvement in the "assembly" of the alleged chemical attack, something that would not be new since the British have already managed to incriminate the Russians of an alleged poisoning of two former spies in the service of the United Kingdom. Hilariously, nobody assaulted Russia with missiles. Why? More than clear, Syria is too weak to face external forces. It has been seven years of domestic fight against terrorists and opponents, so the powerful nations considered better to lecture the weakest. With Russia would be different.

On the other hand, Konashenkov said that London crested pressure on the alleged White Helmets to involve them on the farce. According to the Russian ministry and the secret services of that nation, the White Helmets were informed that they should take advantage of the government forces’ attack on the opposition strongholds to film the alleged "chemical attack".

Russians may be right, at least the evidence links all the proofs presented and the Russian hypothesis is not crazy at all. Coincidentally, the armed opposition groups and the NGO White Helmets accused the government troops just after the government attack. It is known that the opposition in Syria has received from the beginning the support of the White House and the United Kingdom. According to the report, at that time Al-Assad’s forces threw a barrel with chlorine on Duma, and the symptoms were very similar to what described by the Russians.

In the evidence shown by the Russian Ministry of Defense there are photos and videos of the White Helmets rescuing children from the ruins, and in other ones the same protagonists wear uniforms and carry guns. Are they multifaceted?

Russia and Iran are the main allies of Bashar Al-Assad and have said that they will not stayed cross-handed to continue the aggression of the United States, the United Kingdom and other members of NATO. It is not yet known if the Russians will appeal to diplomacy or will also resort to force. The issue is very delicate due to the possibility of another World War if the spirits do not calm down, particularly, the White House’s madman, Donald Trump.