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Monday, April 30, 2018

Six pairs of celebrities who hate each other

Por Isabella

There are events in which one ends with a friendship and others in which someone is hated forever. It is sometimes difficult to live or work in the same environment with the enemy. The celebrities are not oblivious to the subject. There is an overwhelming list of couples who hate each other and so far do not intend to recover the deal. Sometimes it is the ego that some people get through the clouds, others are just the step of those who said they were friends or life partners to enemies. Even many of these resounding changes have come to star in the strongest fights of the show.

The journalists Ángel de Brito and Viviana Canosa have always generated controversy among them. Sometimes fights reach magnitudes higher than the point they can not tolerate in events. Even generally after their encounter they end up cursing themselves, an example of this is one of the last phrases of Viviana Canosa: "I have peace, you do not".

But there is no doubt that the most controversial feud among women in history is played by Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston. Both actresses are considered the gold enemies of Hollywood. Jennifer Aniston was married to Brad Pitt when he began shooting with Angelina Jolie the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith, "the chemistry between them was startling. It took moments for the marriage between Brad and Jennifer to fall apart, but the worst came later.

Angelina became inseparable from the famous actor, fulfilling in a short time everything he aspired: family, children and a prosperous future. Never one said anything of the other, at least publicly, although the extra-official versions are responsible for demonstrating otherwise. The rivalry continues to flourish to the point that at present they establish competition for who is superior, which is more beautiful, who is better preserved and, mainly, who has the best pay.

After the success of Floricienta, an Argentine telenovela that united Cris Morena and Florencia Bertotti as creator and protagonist, the friendship between the two broke down. Everything is based on the fact that Florencia Bertotti set up a new production company, with a strip of children's fiction with many similarities to the ideas of Cris Morena. Who totally outraged by the plagiarism, established a demand that made them appear before the court. This act was the end of that friendship that seemed to be sincere.

Another Argentinian couple who hate each other is that of the Argentine television conductors Mario Pergolini and Marcelo Tinelli. According to what is said, it is Mario who does not bear the success that Marcelo is reaching in the media. They star in the so-called "technological battle" because they use social networks to be aware of the other's activities and to demonstrate, through messages, that they do not even have a bit of sympathy.

The actor Orlando Bloom and the singer Justin Bieber are two of the celebrities that have collapsed. Some media claim that the enmity is because Miranda Kerr, wife of Bloom, a few years ago, coincided in a parade of Victoria's Secret with the singer and there was attraction between them, which is why the actor ended up with the supermodel.

One of the last summers in Ibiza, Spain, Bloom and Bieber coincided in a bar and the reaction was not very good, to the point that they ended up in a fight of pushes, that thanks to the custodians, did not have greater evils. On the other hand the current couple of the singer Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez also constitutes one of the famous ones on the list next to his exfriend of Disney, Miley Cyrus.

From the concert of Miley in which he exhibited a cardboard doll with the face of Selena Gómez, the friendship pointed to its end. Heavy jokes, ironic tweets and dedications in social networks are the only communication between them. Some claim that egos may be a long-hidden rivalry since childhood, or jealousy. This last one under the base of which apparently Miley did not pardon to its exfriend to leave with its ex-love Nick Jonas.

The celebrities, as people to end, are protagonists of incidents of hatred, rivalry, revenge. The feelings are superimposed on any formal cordiality within the medium evidencing the naturalness of their being.