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Sunday, April 22, 2018

The famous do not get tired of attracting attention

Por sumily

According to Forbes, Beyoncé likes to have well seasoned chicken in her dressing room when she goes on tour. And although some are very true, it is very common to find places where the same myth of extravagances applied to different celebrities appears. Like maybe it's Rihanna who asks to replace the seats in the bathrooms with new ones before entering a hotel. Or maybe it's Jennifer Lopez, it depends on where you read it.

However, even telling the stories that are a lie, Madonna, does not stop being one of the artists with greater demands when it comes to living performances away from home.The magazine Hello! Mexico confirmed in 2015 that its tours around the world had a retinue of 200 people. And at each stop, he required hotels to have 20 international telephone lines available in his room. Not to mention the details of the special fabric with the smell of flowers around your dressing room, the real flowers cut at a specific height, the personal chef who only prepares vegetarian meals and his own laundry service.

t is not a hidden secret that celebrities become demanding over time to satisfy their whims, and in most cases, go from being pure cravings to alarming eccentricities. The truth is that these characters that the whole world admires for their art, when they go on tour, have requests that become a handful of incomprehensible eccentricities for ordinary mortals. There are demands that so extravagant become almost incredible for many, as that Madonna is allowed to destroy the toilet in your room before checking out at a hotel.

However, others, such as the 59-year-old singer carrying home furniture with her on tour, have been confirmed too many times to be false. While it is true that there are alarming requests, others carry a justified reason. For example, Selena Gomez, the ex-girlfriend singer of Justin Bieber, has the habit of having a drink of olive oil before each concert, and she does it to take care of her vocal cords. For its part, the US band Van Halen, demanded a bowl of M & Ms in his dressing room, but explicitly requested that all browns be removed.

To say of the singer of the group David Lee Roth in his biography they were of the first bands in mounting a great production in his tour, there were many technical errors. Then, as proof, they put it hidden in the technical requirements. If I saw a brown M & M, you had to review the entire production. They had not read the contract.

Also, Paul McCartney, former Beatle and avid supporter of animal rights bans skin, leather and meat in his dressing room.According to a document revealed by Ana Rosa Quintana's program, Isabel Pantoja, in addition to asking for many, many flowers, she asked for space. For his tour last year, he demanded two dressing rooms for her, another of quick change on stage, and thirteen more dressing rooms for his team of musicians and production, plus a large space to meet with his fans.

However, there are cases that are clearly a show of ostentation, the Colombian singer Maluma, for example, for the Viña del Mar Festival of 2017 in Chile asked for a mansion, requested 24-hour domestic service, personal guards, white and red wines, olives, protein bars, sugar-free gum and two trucks. The Colombian took up to nine members of his family with him on that trip.