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Thursday, April 26, 2018

What cards does Kim hide under the table?

Por qubano22005

North Korea said it would suspend nuclear tests and intercontinental ballistic missile launches, a fact that Donald Trump quickly hastened to comment and give fake news, of the kind he does not like, by wrongly commenting that North Korea accepted the "denuclearization" of their country long before the meeting.

Although North Korea did not say exactly that it would abandon its nuclear arsenal, which Kim considers as its treasured sword, Trump quickly twitted "North Korea has accepted denuclearization (so good for the World), it would close the facilities, and no more testing!" The publication is a sure sign of Donald's need to win a diplomatic victory.

The North Korean leader has already said that his country is in the best position to suspend nuclear tests and intercontinental missile launches that have flown over Japan in recent months. However, this does not mean that North Korea has completely renounced to its program or its defense, although Kim has said he would close a nuclear testing facility. After all, hos country and engineers know the know-how to reach nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles; therefore, knowledge will always be treasured when the moment to "take back" the "sword" arrives.

It has been mentioned neither in the press what will happen to the thermonuclear warheads and intercontinental ballistic missile prototypes that they have, which have been developed over decades with efforts and hardships by the North Korean people. It is very doubtful that Kim Jon resigns unconditionally to the nuclear program.

The fake news origin precisely in the fact that despite Kim's concessions and positive acceptance of several items on the agenda for nuclear disarmament, this could indicate neither the total abandonment of the program nor the acceptance of the idea entirely. In fact, several analysts agree that although the North Korean leader has shown interest in reaching a common agreement, he will make several claims to the United States to sign a final arrangement.

The forecast of several analysts is that Kim will demand the withdrawal of soldiers from the Korean Peninsula, as well as the nuclear protection with which the Americans defend South Korea and Japan. Although the South Korean president Moon Jae-in is trying to calm down things, he has already said that his counterpart is not asking for the withdrawal of troops as a condition. However, a question remains: Why a hostile country does not want to set conditions? Only the military hierarchy and the "rocket man" himself - Trump's epithet on Kim - know they will want of the meeting and of the United States.

On the other hand, the Americans have not lowered the tone of the conditions in which they will engage in dialogue. Even "Dump" Trump himself has twitted that he will not ease on his demands in negotiations with the People's Republic of North Korea. He has also criticized journalists who have made a call to rectify the US position in the future dialogue.

As he has expressed on other occasions, the Republican ruler said that the work he is doing now should have been done a long time ago. Nevertheless, despite the criticism against the head of state, Trump has the undeniable merit of arranging a meeting between the two nations with a belligerent speech of more than five decades, something in which smarter and more diplomatic presidents than him have failed.