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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

5 functions that your body can perform after dying

Por thais

From the popular knowledge there are diverse opinions in relation to the death and numerous myths regarding what happens with our body after passing away. The reality is that after death, the body continues to perform certain vital functions, fecal and even muscular, for hours, until the process ends.

Among these functions or organic actions that we can perform after death we quote some that can account for this reality.

Giving birth: When a woman becomes pregnant and dies during pregnancy or childbirth, the pregnancy process is paralyzed because the mother no longer has the tools to provide her baby with the necessary nutrients, such as blood and vitality . Your body reacts with the expulsion of the fetus, since the muscles relax together with the reaction of some body gases. This act is also known as "coffin birth". Nail and hair growth: One of the most popular beliefs is that the hair and nails of both hands and feet grow.

However, according to experts, they are only optical effects, because the human body is 70% water, after death, it dehydrates, causing the skin to shrink and the effect of hair and nail growth. . Vocalization: One of the most outstanding actions of a dead body is to perform gestures of vocalizing, that is, opening and closing the mouth. This happens because in the digestive system of the decomposing body still continue some bacteria that are active for hours, accentuating gases that seek to be expelled by any part of the body, the mouth being one of these. Muscular movement:

The brain also participates in this process, since it is closely linked to the nervous system that forms a body including the spinal cord, as a result of the signals that the medulla exerts on the brain, it reacts so that the body achieves involuntary movements, distensions and spasms, whether in the torso, or in the different extremities. Being a posthumous father: It is possible to extract the sperm of a deceased man from up to 24 hours. For example, in Spain there was a case in which the wife of a man who died in an accident asked the court to extract her husband's semen for fertilization and was taken out of custody pending the will of the deceased to have a child. posthumously.

Other functions such as defecation and urination can also occur in human bodies after death, because the process has not yet been completed. So it is demonstrated that some issues are myths and others are great realities.