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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

A Mad White House wants to bring order to Syria

Por qubano22005

The Secretary of Defense James Mattis himself has said it. Syria needs tranquility. Something very difficult to achieve while bombs manufactured by US arms companies are falling and terrorists have in the United Kingdom and the United States their main allies, although media say otherwise.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is investigating the Syrian territory to determine the veracity of the chemical attack and, of course, to know who the perpetrators were. Although Trump hastened to fire rockets without Congress’s approval, Mattis has asked everybody to stay calm, a visible contradiction between the Secretary of Defense and the Commander in Chief of the US forces. Could another dismissal arise? Time will say.

The Secretary of Defense maintains the nonintervention criterion and no more attacking on Syria on the part of the belligerent powers involved in the conflict; which could lead to a total disaster. Russia, Turkey and Iran have said it clearly, they will not tolerate any more aggression, justified or not, to the Syrian territory. Lieutenant General Mattis believes that another attack would cause an "escalation out of control". However, he will remain the man on whom responsibility for the attacks will fall. Yet, who will hold Donald’s horses?

It is not the first time that the top defense chief asks for peace and sanity regarding the war in Syria, but above all, he looks for the most viable solution so that the involved powers, in one way or another, do not shake the honeycomb and to lesser the barrage’s intensity between the sides.

Despite the opinion of his Secretary of Defense, the multimillionaire American president wants to make everything very clear. He is the absolute master of the world, as he is of his Towers. At each tantrum he gives green light to raze or simply launch sanctions and threats through Twitter, hence, his advisors criticize him for his impulses.

The White House these days is the closest thing to a poker game, unforeseen and with poker-faced actors. It is as if the president was on a path, that of irrationality, while his advisors and secretaries were in another one. The Syria case is not only generating debate at an extra-border level, but also within the Congress and the West Wing of the White House, where criteria are divergent.

The Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, on other occasions has reiterated that another attack by the coalition could trigger "an escalation out of control". For the military leader, achieving stability in the Middle East is most convenient for the implicit countries and for the United States.

If the United States and its Secretary of Defense are trying to avoid hostilities, why are attacks launched without chemical attacks being proven? Mattis affirmed that the North American nation did not have concrete evidences of the use of chemical substances (sarin and chlorine) in the supposed aggression perpetrated in Duma, Syria. Ironically, the Pentagon’s chief himself said that the main evidence of Al-Assad's attack with chemical weapons was the reports of the local media. Curious, don’t you think?

Everything is very suspicious. The supposed attack has already been denied by the Russian intelligence agencies that have dismantled the media event, news that have spread like powder and that caused and ipso facto reaction, Donald Trump responded with missiles. It is also striking that the members of the OPCW investigating committee delayed to arrive at the scene of the events. Why? Who was or who were they were borrowing time to? Were they getting rid of evidences? The OPCW representatives stated on April 7 that it was difficult for them to move to the designated place.

However, the British were the first one to protest saying that neither Russia nor Syria allowed access, to which these governments responded with the truth: "The area was still under the effects of more than a hundred missiles launched, and we had to ensure the "perimeter" where the experts would go to work".

The Russians and the OPCW commission were in the scene. The alleged victims interviewed did not present evidence of such an attack. A local doctor Halel al Jaish, during his shift, admitted none of the patients could have been the victim of the chemical agent, which until now has been shown to be non-existent. "We did not believe it because, as specialists, we saw that there was no indication of the use of toxic agents: there were no strange cases and, after several hours, everybody went home", he said.

Other played cards are the ones related to the economic sanctions to those who support Bashar Al-Assad. The US government wants to economically weaken Moscow for supporting the Syrian regime. However, when the officials paid by the president announce or threaten with sanctions, Donald immediately tries to pick up the bridles. Will Putin call him? Nobody knows.

Recently, Nikki Haley asserted restrictions against Moscow for supporting Syria. In unison, according to The Washington Post, the president was angry because he had not given his approval. Nobody agrees. However, the saddest and most painful part of the case is that the indecisions in the White House have a direct impact on Syria. The conflict just does not see the light at the end of the tunnel, and while that happens, hundreds of civilians die in each attack and terrorists gain strength again.