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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Jerusalem, in the sights of the world

Por Matraquito91

Jerusalem was once again the epicenter of Western media news, but with all that this entails. And it is that Israeli archaeologists made an important discovery in the excavations of the Old City: a clay seal that belonged to an ancient Hebrew ruler of the city. The artifact of about 2 700 years, according to the Israeli television channel ITV, and is a burned clay impression the size of a tiny coin, 2 to 3 millimeters thick. The discovery took place next to the western wall of the Temple Mount, near the Western Wall, in the so-called Holy City.

And, of course, the Western media quickly echoed the finding and, following its tradition of manipulating conflicts in this part of the world, they reproduced that this fact confirmed "the biblical records of the existence of a Hebrew governor, an ancient Israeli town, in the city of Jerusalem at that time, as well as a Jewish temple. "

But what does this mean? It has to do with one of the most profound, complicated and lasting conflicts of the modern era, which involves Israel and Palestine.

Many are obfuscated at trying to prove that it is based on religious differences; However, history proves that there are many other interests at stake, mainly economic, border and natural resources, and others that mediate this reality.

In fact, recently, and pressured by the pro-government organizations and the promises made during his campaign, the US president, Donald Trump, recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and even moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to the floor of the Holy City.

And the recent discovery of the impression confirms that, in reality, the territory that today occupies Jerusalem, belonged to the Jewish people 2 700 years ago.

However, this does not justify Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territory, a space that belongs to that people by decree of the United Nations; or the attacks on the civil community and the imprisonment of minors such as the case of Ahed Tamimi.

Well, no, of course not. Only that the media, on occasion, are not aware of the impact that the reproduction of news lacking political overtones can cause in the international community.

The recent discovery is important, without doubt, with high archaeological and historical values, but let us not be fooled by media manipulation, preceded by the decision of the world's leading economic and military power and principal mediator between the peace negotiations in the area. .

Recognizing the city as an Israeli territory, could cause confusion between the known and unknown of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Live to see.