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Friday, May 18, 2018

Trump criticizes the Russian investigation on its first anniversary

Por DamianToo

The president, Donald Trump, attacked again on Thursday the "witch hunt" that is according to him the investigation of the Russian meddling in the elections of 2016. The strike comes one year after the appointment of the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller. "Congratulations United States, we are already in the second year of the largest witch hunt in American history ... and there is still no conspiracy or obstruction", said Trump on Twitter.

"The only conspiracy is what the Democrats did that were unable to win the elections despite spending a lot more money!" added the president.

Trump believes that the investigation of Mueller, who acts independently of the Government, is part of a "witch hunt" of the Democratic opposition that still does not accept his defeat in the 2016 elections and tries to discredit his electoral triumph. For months, there are rumors about Trump's intentions of firing Mueller and "number two" of the Justice Department, Rod Rosenstein, who oversees the Russian investigation and who was responsible for appointing the prosecutor just a year ago, although the president has assured that he does not plan to expel them.

On May 17, 2016, Rosenstein went to Mueller and commissioned him to investigate any link between the Russian government and people related to the Trump campaign. Trump also reiterated his accusation that the FBI had a confidential informant within his electoral campaign in 2016, a complaint he has already made in the past but about which there is no evidence.

"Wow, it is coming to light that the FBI of Obama 'SPREADED THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN WITH AN INFILTRATED INFORMANT' (...). If so, this is stronger than Watergate! ", Trump tweeted in reference to the famous case that forced Richard Nixon to resign in 1974.

The president issued that tweet shortly after a former federal prosecutor, Andrew McCarthy, appeared on Trump's favorite television show, "Fox & Friends", and claimed that the FBI infiltrated the Republican candidate's campaign. One of Trump's lawyers, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, said today that such disclosure should cause Mueller's investigation to be "scrapped".

"We are going to study if we can challenge the legitimacy of the entire investigation", Giuliani told "Fox & Friends". "Perhaps a special prosecutor should never be appointed", he added, and was "shocked to hear that they (the FBI) put a spy in the campaign of the candidate of one of the main parties, maybe two spies".

Mueller took over the Russian investigation after Trump fired the former director of the FBI, James Comey, who had refused to swear "loyalty" to the president. The dismissal of Comey provoked a political earthquake in Washington and forced the Justice Department to appoint a special prosecutor for the Russian investigation to be conducted independently without any attempt at interference by the Government.