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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Who puts an end to so much damage?

Por sumily

Children who arrive accompanied by their parents or relatives to the United States border are separated from their families and transported to shelters administered by non-governmental organizations. There, the workers of the facility have as their main objective to find a relative or guardian in the United States who can take care of the child.

But, if they can not find a responsible adult available, the children could remain in custody indefinitely and exactly this is what usually happens or they can not locate the parents of the children properly because they arrive without adequate records.

Once a child is part of the shelter system, there is no way to determine if he was removed from someone who was his legal father and there is no protocol to reunite parents and children separated by mistake. According to the director of the Program of Justice and Law for Migrants in the Commission of Refugee Women, Michelle Brané, the idea of ​​punishing parents who try to save the lives of their children and punish their children because their parents brought them to a Safe place by separation is very cruel.

Her name is Mirian, she arrived at the Texas border with her 18 month old son in her arms. She asked the border agents for protection from political violence in her country, alleging that she and her little boy had fled their home in Honduras amid a cloud of tear gas.

She hoped to find refuge for both of them, however, and as this is stated in an affidavit before a federal court, the officers ordered her to leave her son in the backseat of a government vehicle. Not young had no choice but to cry when the car moved away, with the child on board.

Many are the months that members of the US Congress take demanding answers about how many families have been separated when they start procedures at border stations, especially after the Donald Trump administration indicated that it sees the separation of children and their parents as possible. way to dissuade the arrival of migrants to that country.

On this, officials have refused to provide data on the exact number of families that have been separated, but suggest that the amount is relatively low. However, new data studied by The New York Times reveal that, since October of last year, more than 700 children have been distanced from the adults who claimed to be their parents, including more than one hundred children under the age of four.

These data were provided by the Office of Refugee Resettlement, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services that keeps children who have been separated from their immigrant parents in custody. Also, high officials of the Department of National Security, all those who are in charge of the procedures of migrants at the border, denied in principle that the amount was so great. However, the number was confirmed by three US federal officials who work closely in these cases.

According to the statements of a spokesman, the law states that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) must protect the interests of children crossing the border, and sometimes this means separating children from the adult with whom they travel. Those cases where it is not possible to be sure what the family bond is or if they consider that the children could be in danger for other reasons. The truth is that officials of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said the agency does not separate families at the border as a deterrent.