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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The lost jewel of US is called Cuba

Por dbloggers

The appointment of John Bolton as National Security Adviser could bring new sanctions and dictatorial regime of both nations, far from providing an arm friendly aid, are deepening the economic crisis and the misery of its citizens. The largest of the Antilles who saw in the non-state or private sector a possibility of change and opportunities, even for the youngest ones, have been thwarted all their aspirations since Marcos Rubio and Donald Trump resumed hostility towards the Island. After the normalization of the relations between both countries after 50 years of political confrontations, several analysts from both shores saw a very good economic opportunity for both the thaw.

Some even thought that the economic benefits it would bring for private companies in the United States would help strengthen the weak ties established by Obama during his term. In fact, the Cuban streets were flooded with American tourists who wanted to try for the first time the renowned Cuban cigars but also to walk and walk around the Island, which many of their grandparents told him about because it is one of the paradises of the Caribbean.

Also, the mystery of visiting the only communist system in the West encourages many to step on Cuban soil. As a result, North American tour operators and real estate companies explored business opportunities in the new Cuba. On a silver platter, the opportunities were served, not only for the largest of the Antilles. Also for Cubans who started to open private businesses with the objective of satisfying the demand for services from clients from the north.

In 2016, Barack Obama during his visit to Havana had a meeting with Cuban entrepreneurs and owners of medium and small businesses. The speech of the then president sought the destabilization of the Cuban economic model, entering precisely for one of its weak points: the economy and its possibility of change.

In fact, after those words, the Cuban government imposed restrictions on the granting of licenses and greater control over the finances of the bill. However, the dynamics continued and in spite of the governmental measures, new businesses were opened with the objective of supplying the bad management of state companies. But, as the old saying goes, happiness in the poor man's house lasts very little.

Donald Trump assumes the power and to very few months of his ascent, meets with the opponents and Cuban emigrants of the extreme right whom he praises and announces a memorandum that reversed the advances promoted by Obama. Again and with the consent of Marcos Rubio, Florida became a political bastion against Havana. The irony of the case is that far from bending the knee of the Cubans, he returned to rekindle the patriotic pride of the Caribbeans and see the Americans, not as their friends, but their enemies. In addition, Cuba, which could be a negotiating agent of the situation in Venezuela, reaffirmed its bilateral ties with that nation and on several occasions, the Cuban parliament and president have expressed their unconditional support for the Bolivarian Revolution.

Regarding the economic situation of the town, although the Cuban entrepreneurs created more than 550,000 jobs, something that the Cuban State never imagined, with the new restrictive measures of Washington many have had to close, because the main clients and potentialities that fall in the tourism sector have been diminished by the decrease of foreign visitors. José Fleitas, a vendor of the stores in San José where crafts are sold, says that although the official speech is about a good rhythm in the arrival of tourists to Cuba, every day in his stand he observes that it is not the same as the year before Trump.

Although he does not agree with many things of the Cuban government, he considers that the new northern administration flub in restricting trips to Cuba and establishing new economic measures. He believes that in the end who suffers most is the town that especially in Havana turns the economy under the table with the tourism sector. Despite being a great businessman and even commenting at some point that he had intentions to invest in Cuba, the lack of political vision of Trump has taken its toll and Cuba has been one of those examples.

Cuba is a lost jewel for American investors and one of the toughest political opponent of US in the area.