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Monday, April 16, 2018

Which is the quickest USCIS Office in Florida?


The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), has perhaps, unwillingly, let everyone know that depending on the places they apply for a green card or citizenship, the process will take less or more time. An article published in El Nuevo Herald refers to the difference in time, although some are near offices.

According to a recent publication by El Nuevo Herald, the place where those interested in applying for a green card or citizenship could make a big difference at the time they are waiting for the documents to be processed. As stated by data from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the processing times for green cards and citizenship applications are drastically different in South Florida, even in processing centers are located just a few miles away among them.

The processing centers are not all the same: some can process those requests in almost half the time, according to Boundless, an independent company that guides eligible immigrants through the marriage process to obtain residency.

As El Nuevo Herald published, Boundless analyzed the data and found numerous discrepancies. For example, the USCIS Office at Kendall, at 14675 SW 120 St., only 14 miles from the Miami Office at 8801 NW 7 Ave., processes residency applications six months faster than its counterpart in Miami, according to data of USCIS. How come? You would probably be wondering. The thing is that no matter which place is faster, you still must submit your application in the corresponding office according to where you live.

I know, it is frustrating. Let’s share the time it takes to process the documents in different offices, as delivered by El Nuevo Herald. The newspaper with news from South Florida, said that the national average for processing a green card is just over nine months. For naturalization, they are about nine months. The Miami and Oakland Park offices are the ones that will make you wait the most. Both are the slowest for the residence and processing of citizenship.

In Miami, the delay time is almost 17 months for green cards and almost 15 months for naturalization. At the Oakland Park office, at 4451 NW 31 Ave., in Broward County, it's almost 16 months for green cards and about 15 months to wait for the citizenship process, like in Miami. The local Hialeah office at 5880 NW 183 St. takes about 12 months to process residency applications and approximately the national average of about nine months for citizenship.

The Kendall local office takes 10 months to process the green cards, the fastest in South Florida, and 12 months citizenship. At the West Palm Beach office, at 9300 Belvedere Rd., In Royal Palm Beach, it will take approximately 11 months to obtain a green card, but it is the fastest in South Florida for citizenship: eight months, below of the national average. So, now you know. Are you among the lucky ones?