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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Young Gay Attackers Delivered Themselves to Police

Por freewinds12345

Although many say the opposite, sometimes conscience prevail over evil. Apparently this is what happened to four young men who beat a gay couple last Sunday during the Gay Pride March. Their faces in the media and the possibility of aggravating their sentences for considering themselves fugitives compelled the young people to deliver themselves to the authorities.

The attackers are Luis M. Alonso (20 years old), Juan C. López (21 years old), Adonis Díaz and Pablo Reinaldo Romo. According to the Miami police they will be accused of serious crimes. Another of the injured was Helmut Muller Estrada, who tried to stop the assault but took a punch and ended up in the hospital.

The provocateurs are accused of aggression, but according to a prosecutor in Miami, they could also be condemned for aggravating hate. Prosecutor Katherine Fernández Rundle said the video and testimonies will be evaluated to be considered if the charge will be added to the accusation. These young men will have to get a great lawyer if they don’t want to spend a lot of years in prison, since even the mayor of Miami Beach, Dan Gelber, repudiated the act and told the press that the crime was committed in the same week that diversity was celebrated. "The attack was a vile act," he said.

The video captured by one of the surveillance cameras of Ocean Drive stores reveals the moment in which the gay couple is assaulted by the four men who lash out at them with their fists. It is also observed when passerby Helmut Mueller tries to dissipate the aggression and receives a punch. The young people, of whom one wore a T-shirt from the International University of Florida, beat the couple. One of the guys ended up with cuts in one eyebrow, in the mouth and the head while his partner still has bruises on his face due to the beating.

It is not strange that this has happened in a year in which violence and hatred have been enthroned in the United States, as a consequence of a president and a cabinet that hates everything different. In what has been the first term of Donald Trump, several incidents of hatred have occurred throughout the country. Recall that several members of the Trump team are openly homophobic. In addition, proposals for laws repudiating these groups have been established. Several NGOs defending the civil rights of homosexuals have spoken out because paradoxically today the gay population of the United States lives with more fear than a decade ago.

Speaking to NBC6, Dmitry Logunov, one of the assailants commented that it was a seemingly calm day where several protesters marched in support of the Gay Pride. According to the testimony, he and his partner were walking very quietly on South Beach when they were suddenly attacked, a fact that took them by surprise as Logunov said, the street was full of gay people who participated in the Gay Pride March.

On the other hand, a young man from Florida declared that it is incredible still there are people judging the others’ sexual orientation in a broadly democratic society, and that the worst part is many remain immovable in the presence of such events. In the coming days, the Miami Prosecutor's Office will determine the sentence for these young people who, in addition to mistreating citizens because of their sexual orientation, lashed out with hatred against a passer-by who tried to defend the gay couple.