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Monday, May 28, 2018

Another case of group rape

Por cuchita

Apparently the ruling in the case of 'La Manada' has left the door open for another act of rape to take place in the European country. This time, three men of twenty-eight, forty-three and forty-eight years old, recently detained in Beniaján, a hamlet of Murcia in southeastern Spain, are accused of rape.

According to the police report, those arrested in this case have a history of theft and trafficking of narcotics, facts that would increase the punitive levels of the sentence. As reported by the victim, he remained with these men whom he had previously known. During the meeting they suggested taking some pills, assuring that they were anxiolytics. In addition to that, she consumed alcohol, which finally led her to a state of "abstraction in which she was not capable of governing her will", according to what was reported by the Civil Guard.

Apparently, the three men took advantage of the circumstances in which the girl was to sexually abuse her in a field. After this act, according to the victim's information, they took her to the home of one of the detainees, where they again abused her. Finally, when the woman regained consciousness and could see that her acquaintances abused her, she managed to escape from them, says the local daily La Opinión de Murcia.

Later, the victim was able to attend a medical center, where she was recognized by specialists who confirmed the existence of injuries compatible with rape. Four days later, recovering from the shock caused by the situation, she dared to report what happened in the Civil Guard barracks, presenting as her main evidence, her testimony and the medical report after the incident.

On the other hand, El Diario de León assures that the detainees, during the interrogation, defended themselves with the argument that the victim is a prostitute. Regardless of the job you have, despite being in receipt of money or benefits in exchange for sexual intercourse, they must consent and clearly intoxicated or under the effects of a drug is not in the ability to consent to sexual intercourse any.