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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Mueller could be the end of Donald Trump

Por Darío E.

The madness of the emperor could be the next book published about Trump. Since the tycoon took over the reins of the White House, the seat of the US government is a madhouse and in addition to the foreign policy issues (which are enough) have the advisers of the West Wing to do their best to undo the rumors or fake news, according to its president. This time the snowball is about the dismissal of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller that according to several sources, Trump tried to dismiss through the White House lawyer, Don McGahn.

Apparently, the dispute and the dissatisfaction of the president arose due to a dispute about the payment of golf club fees. Trump argued at the time that the Special Prosecutor could not be impartial due to a dispute over debts in the golf club fees. Other allegations to try to "kick" Mueller was to have been Director of the FBI, argument supported by Donald Trump on the bias of the Special Prosecutor. Remember the paranoia of the dignitary with respect to the FBI, because he considers that everything is a plot by Hillary to get rid of his management.

However, everything seems to indicate that it is due to the discomfort that causes the president to be called by Mueller to continue investigating the plot about the link or the Russian hand in the presidential elections. Matters that have brought more than a headache to the "blond". Although in the forum in Davos, Switzerland, Trump rejected the version published by The New York Times, calling the same false news, the political consequences may be more serious than their advisers can predict.

Publications such as the Times version that the president retracted to dismiss the Attorney General, after the lawyer Don McGahn did not accept to send the presidential directive to the Department of Justice. If this statement is true, former US Attorney General Kenneth Starr believes that a formal file could be opened for the suspension of the president, if it is verified that he lied about his true intentions. If it were true, it would also be on the tightrope for obstruction of justice and prevent further investigation. Recall that one of the contradictory and unusual decisions of last year was the summary dismissal of James Comey and security adviser Michael Flynn who investigated the links of the Trump team with the Russians.

What would happen then? If this story were proven, Donald Trump would be crossing the red border, something Washington lawmakers would not allow. The counterpoint has started. Some defend the position that presidents, like any other person, can say things that are the product of anger. Others think that it is part of the multiple obstacles of the president to curtail the investigation on the Russian connection in the elections.

Could Donald Trump be formally accused? Experts appreciate that the only recourse is a political trial in Congress with which Trump's term could conclude. The case file is getting bigger and bigger. Now a new icing on the cake has been added with the notice of the alleged dismissal of Mueller. It only remains to wait until new and old pranks of the New Yorker come to the public light.